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UNDERBOLD POD30 - The Revolution in Road Construction

German-GreenTec ECOLOGIC offers its customers a technology that enables individual solutions. Com-pared to conventional road construction, significant costs as well as valuable time are saved. A new innovative but above all mature technology makes this groundbreaking progress possible.

The product
With UNDERBOLD-POD30, we offer our customers a technology that enables individual solutions for construction projects. Compared to conventional road construction, enormous costs as well as valua-ble time are saved. UNDERBOLD-POD30 uniquely combines the desired properties of a cost-effective, permanently load-bearing, and resilient base course with a well-known and safe method of producing a high-quality road.
Time saving, reduced effort, cost reduction and still achieve advantages in terms of existing properties and sustainability. This was the goal set by the developers of UNDERBOLD POD30. These goals have been achieved. Expert reports and measurements prove that subgrade stabilization with UNDERBOLD POD30 is not only able to keep up with conventional methods but is superior in all areas.
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The wax emulsion is compatible and harmless to the environment because the emulsion is made 100% with biological products. Another point that benefits our environment is that when UNDERBOLD-POD30 is used, no sand, gravel or other construction materials are required for soil replacement. By reducing the amount of cement required compared to traditional cement stabilization, we save the environment one ton of CO² per ton of cement saved- Additionally, CO² emissions are reduced because significantly less supply and delivery logistics are required.




TÜV certified

The "TÜV Rheinland" institute evaluated and confirmed the properties of UNDERBOLD-POD30. In addi-tion to excellent results for compressive strength and stability, ecologically positive factors were also proven by expert reports. UNDERBOLD-POD30 thus complies with all German standards, technical con-tract contents and specifications.



Developed and produced in Germany, UNDERBOLD-POD30 wax emulsion is purely biological and 100% degradable, as only organic substances are used for production according to ISO 9001:2008 certifica-tion. The incorporated wax emulsion has a binding effect in the soil and is water repellent. Another feature of Underbold is frost and heat resistance (after processing), which allows us to guarantee high durability of the structure.