Ecological profile

Original UNDERBOLD-POD30 is ecologically safe in production and use (ISO 9001:2008

Conserves resources of raw material extraction and hazardous material landfilling

Reduction of CO2 emissions during production and use

Durability of the structure built with UB protects the environment.

UNDERBOLD-POD30 100% biologically and ecologically harmless.

Contaminated components of the soil are bound in the road body due to the agglomera-ting properties of the additive. A road body made with UNDERBOLD-POD30 is hydro-phobic and capillary breaking. Eluate tests also confirm its use in water harvesting areas.

By dispensing with conventional frost protection layers and base courses made of crushed materials, the CO2 balance is sustainably improved. UNDERBOLD-POD30 is a pa-tented wax emulsion made from 100% natural ingredients. Recycling is possible at any time by milling to return the soil to its original state. This also avoids future landfill costs.

100% Organic


100% Sustainable


100% Safe


Conserving resources